They’re called One More Girl.  Except, actually, they’re two.  It’s the contradictory sorta thing you’re going to get from this pair, that paradoxical, off-balance, “Huh?” factor.  It’s what they do. 

Just take the music:  There isn’t really a category for the country-alt-rock-pop locomotive that One More Girl rides with such riotous abandon, but to judge from the response they get every time they lean into a microphone, what the hell – they’ve become their own genre.  There's a reason they've sparked standing O’s from jaded, SWAG-choked radio station staff; there's a reason they've been signed to multi-release major deals alongside label mates like Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Luke Bryan and Lady Gaga.  

In the past 24 months – thanks to deals with both EMI Music and Interscope Records – One More Girl have undertaken extensive and repeated songwriting excursions to Nashville and Los Angeles, working with some of the best in the business from Radney Foster (Nobody Wins, Just Call Me Lonesome), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift) and Linda Perry (Get The Party Started, Beautiful) to Billy Steinberg (Like A Virgin, True Colors), Jeff Trott (Soak Up The Sun) and many others.

The result is a rich and varied catalogue of new material, just ready for release. The first mixes of the upcoming CD are a group of heady, passionate songs that somehow perfectly straddle the fence between country, pop and rock. The indefinable One More Girl sound remains…..unique, pristine but somehow raw………and exudes a new level of maturity and confidence that contradicts their ages, but at the same time speaks to their own generation. As well as addressing the universal themes of love and loss, many of these new songs issue the challenge to never settle, always march to a different drummer, and above all, subscribe to the belief that anything is possible. Having grown up in a music – and music business – family, the girls cut their teeth on the mantra “it’s all about the song”, and it shows. The poignant and powerful 'Wired' paints a picture of hope and faith in the age-old process of falling in love.  At the other end of the spectrum, 'You're Not The One' is a modern day, in-your-face 'Talkin' Bout My Generation' with an alt-country edge.

These show biz vets belie their youth with fistfuls of credits. They’ve shared stages with the likes of Lady Antebellum, Toby Keith and Jason Aldean.  They’ve also performed before thousands at major events like the Calgary Stampede and the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, and were honored with the Canadian Radio Music Award’s ‘Best New Country Artist' in 2010.   The girls took home the Canadian Country Music Association’s ‘Rising Star’ award the same year, as well as the BC Country Music Association’s ‘Single of the Year', ‘Group or Duo’, ‘Album' and ‘Entertainer of the Year'.

Entertainer, indeed. The first thing audiences notice about One More Girl is that sublime, pristine blend of voices, the sort of razor-cut and effortless harmonies only ever delivered by siblings. Expertly trained siblings, as it turns out.  Both McKillip parents are songwriters with a long list of material cut by other artists, while dad – Tom McKillip – is also an award-winning guitarist, band leader and sought after record producer.  Britt and Carly’s fates were sealed at birth. 

When – okay, if – people get past the voices they invariably note the One More Girl stage chops, a poise and presence not often seen in artists of any age. Turns out they’ve both spent most of their lives in front of cameras.  Britt has been in a ton of movie projects, played a lead in two seasons of the critically acclaimed series ‘Dead Like Me’ and voiced dozens of cartoon characters including Blueberry Muffin in 'Strawberry Shortcake' and Princess Cadence in ‘My Little Pony’.

Carly, meanwhile, had a recurring role on ABC's 'Life As We Know It' with Kelly Osborne and was the lead Alice McLeod character on CTV's 'Alice, I Think' sitcom.  Nice work if you can get it - but these uber talented sisters have always managed to combine the film and music worlds with ease.  

“We’re more charged up than ever to make a mark for ourselves, and it’s a big world out there….” says Carly.  “We’re so lucky to have an amazing team of believers around us,” adds Britt.

They’re called One More Girl. Except, actually, they’re two.